Meeting Minutes 2 9

Attendees: Lisa, James, Angie, Eric
*Pasted at bottom are unformatted notes and thoughts in order of the meeting. 

The purpose our meeting was to familiarize ourselves with the concerns for the upcoming demolition and rebuild.

We drafted an agenda for the Wednesday meeting. Meeting participants include the above mentioned along with Chelsea Toller and the Construction Manager.

Agenda for upcoming meeting:

We want to be partners with the key project owners. We are "pro" rebuild of the school, but do not want to become traumatized by the experience.
Our collective source of anxiety comes from not having a direct line of communication.
We represent the neighbors of the construction site (affected houses on Hampel, Wellington, Glenfield, and La Cresta).
Homeowners are a different stakeholder than students, parents of students, and faculty in this project.
We require a separate channel of communication with OUSD. (i.e., PTA and Glenview Elementary school meetings are not meetings that will address the concerns of Glenview residents/homeowners. We have a different set of concerns that may be in conflict with what parents of students want. We should not represent during normal PTA meetings as many of our primary concerns lay outside those of typical PTA interests.)
Resident requirements and concerns need to be treated with attention as we are the people who are going to live through the construction. (Parents, students, and faculty will be offsite during the demolition/construction. They will not endure what residents will have to cope with for 2 years.)

Communication: We need to develop a method of communication for our category of stakeholder.

  • Meetings : Separate meetings for key neighborhood stakeholders
  • Contact person for immediate response for key stakeholder grievances

The plan for the reconstruction
* Walk-through of locations and actions
* Blue print or any other rendering of the building and grounds
* Schedule


Communication Strategy

Not really interested in faculty/student/parent concerns. Separate set of issues. That's why there should be two sets of meetings. Also not interested in the opinions of the greater Glenview neighbors or Oakland at large. They don't have a stake in this project the way that we do.

Change the site to be neighbors only?

PTA is not concerned with resident/homeowner issues

Parking of large vehicles (protect our street trees), and construction worker vehicles
Construction Hours (Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 pm.? No weekends)
Construction Schedule (e.g., how long to raze, noisiest phases of construction, etc.)
Construction Worker Behavior: no eating or taking breaks or smoking in front of or on resident property, no cussing or sexist language, no loud music
Environmental hazards: Dust, Dirt, Asbestos, Lead
Noise Level - what are acceptable levels for resident's health? No idling, loud trucks in front of homes
Put up a fence?
Staging etc.? How will materials be moved? Where will materials be stored? Hauling equipment in and out of our house
Pickup and drop off here in Glenview? How is that going to work? How is that not going to be even more chaotic for neighbors?
Where's the bus stop? School busses cannot park, idle, or pick up students in front of resident's homes. Parking for parents dropping off and picking up?
Where's the entrance to the new building going to be sited? Will there still be an entrance on both Hampel and La Cresta? Or will one main entry point onto campus be created? Will side entrance on Hampel disappear?
How are you going to handle traffic patterns for drop off/ pickup with new building?
Will there finally be a parking lot on campus for faculty to reduce parking congestion on the surrounding neighborhood streets?
Noise pollution effects peoples health.
Construction parking.

We want meetings and other lines of communication that are accessible only for homeowner/resident stakeholders: Immediate neighbors to the school, across the street.
Immoderately touching Glenview Elementary
Across the street for those that are directly affected: Hampel, Glenfield, La Cresta (between Hampel and Wellington)
Find a representative from Wellington.

Key stake holder meetings
Key stake holder contacts via phone/emails
Weekly update
Construction Firm
Architecture Firm

Eric and Angie: How can we cope with the drainage? Fix the current issue.


We are totally pro-new school. This is has the possibility a traumatic event
We want to be included in the design and construction discussions.

Introductions: What we want to do: We want to be partners. We have a different set of concerns and needs than parents/students/faculty and the greater Glenview neighbors.

Our concerns; Key stakeholder neighbors of the school…
Communication: Meetings : Separate meetings, that are not open to Oakland at large
Contact person for immediate response.
Walk through

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