Part Time Maid or Full Time Maid – Which Is Better?

Singaporeans are choosing to skip the entire process of employing a full time maid by hiring a part time maid. There are many Singaporeans who still feel that hiring a full time maid is too much of a hassle. This is particularly true as the employment process takes time to complete.
Living with a maid requires a certain level of commitment and effort. You have to maintain a positive working relationship with her. Given the hassles that accompany a full time maid, we can see why hiring a part time maid has become the more viable option among Singaporeans. Here are some benefits that hiring a part time maid can bring you.

Benefits of Hiring a Part Time Maid


Hiring a part time maid is definitely the cheaper alternative. This is because a part time maid does not live with you. Hence, you do not have to pay for her lodging and food expenses. You also do not have to pay a monthly salary for a part time maid. Instead, you are only required to pay her based on the number of hours she has worked for you. You can also save more since it is not necessary for you to hire a part time maid every day. You pay her for her services only when you require them. This can range from once to 7 days a week, depending on the number of chores that need to be done. If you are on a budget but your house needs to be cleaned, then you should consider hiring a part time maid.


As part time maids are paid by the hour, they are less likely to suffer from accumulated stress. This is because their work hours are usually shorter compared to full time maids. Due to this, they are likely to be more focused on the job. You can also expect part time maids to complete your household chores more efficiently. As you are paying them based on a fixed number of hours, the part time maids will be more motivated to finish their assigned duties within the time that you are paying them. This is different with full time maids as they can space their duties evenly throughout the entire day. This is because many employers simply require their maids to complete the list of chores in a day. Hence, if you need your chores to be done quickly, hiring a part time maid will be a better solution.


Another advantage of hiring a part time maid is that they are normally highly trained to execute their duties professionally. This is because freelance part time maids and agencies recognise the importance of their service quality. It is the only way for them to retain your patronage since there are no long term contracts to be signed. Hence, many agencies and companies will go the extra mile to ensure that their part time maids are highly trained. This will increase the chances of them to meet or even surpass your expectations. Part time maids know that if they perform well, you will be more inclined to hire their services again. You might even help them spread the word of their impressive service to your friends. Therefore, it is imperative for part time maids to be trained professionally in order to satisfy your demands. Also, as most part time maids are working for other households too, they can share their experiences with you. Part time maids can apply what they learnt from another employer in your house. For example, your part time maid can help you cut down on your water usage if another employer has taught her a way to save water when washing the dishes. The experience gained from working in various homes is another reason why hiring a part time maid can be more valuable than hiring a full time maid.


Hiring a part time maid provides greater flexibility to your schedule as there are no long term contracts involved. You will be able to switch helpers easily whenever you are dissatisfied with the service that is being provided. There is no trouble involved as you can simply request for another helper from the agency. Whereas changing a full time maid would require you to go through the entire hiring process again. This includes contracts to be signed, work permits to be submitted, interviews to be conducted; the list of administrative work goes on. The process of hiring a part time maid is really simple. You can call the company or agency that provides the service. After choosing a date and time, you simply wait for the arrival of the part time maid. Therefore, hiring a part time maid gives you the option to change helpers more easily should the need arises.


There are countless horror stories of full time maids stealing their employers’ jewellery and clothes. There are even extreme cases where maids attempted to poison the food served that they prepare. Hiring a part time maid can eliminate the chances of such horror stories occurring in your household. Part time maids will only be in your house for a few hours depending on how much work needs to be done. They only have a certain amount of time to finish their work. This reduces the chances of them committing such acts. Most, if not all, of the time spent in your house will be spent in completing their jobs, leaving no spare time for them to ‘wander’ around your home.

Things you can do to tighten the security in your home

To further prevent such acts from happening, you can choose to hire a part time maid when there will be at least 1 family member at home. In the case where there is no one available to watch over her, you can always keep your valuables safe and lock them up during the few hours that the part time maid will be at your house. Another option will be to install CCTVs in your home so that you can monitor her actions in case something goes wrong. However, this will be costly and may not be feasible especially since you were unable to afford hiring a full time maid in the first place.


Needless to say, a huge benefit of choosing to hire a part time maid over a full time maid is that you will not lose your privacy. This is the main reason why many Singaporeans choose to hire a part time maid instead of a full time maid. We value our privacy in our homes. Hiring a part time maid allows us to retain most of our privacy. Part time maids will only be in our homes for a few hours and will leave once they have finished the job. You can then enjoy your alone time at home instead of having your privacy constantly intruded by a stranger in your house. For more information visit here :

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