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Existing design: Neighborhood easements and after school dynamics were considered.

  • Children are encouraged to play while they wait for pickup (This helps in generating community: Guardians can socialize because the children are encouraged to play within contained grounds.)
  • Guardians and students are encouraged to wait within school grounds and partially out of sight. (please note that not only does this create a better neighborhood, but also discourages predatory behavior by limiting access)
  • Easements in front buffer the school from the street.
  • Main entrance is inset and acoustically contains and directs sound away and above the neighborhood households.

Preliminary proposed architecture-image: It appears that neighborhood easements were not considered. (Neighbors were not represented in the preliminary architecture requirements.) -After school dynamics did not seem to be considered.

  • Children do not have an obvious place to run amok within safe and controlled areas.
  • Guardians and students are encouraged to wait in public facing areas
  • No buffer between the school and neighborhood
  • Entrances directly face the neighbors
  • Though not obvious in the image, we can assume that the entrances were not acoustically designed to contain sound since it is doubtful the neighborhood was considered for this rendering.
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